About Us

Legal’s Premier Website & SEO Provider

All you've ever wanted in a Casesite but never knew existed.

From sole practitioners focused on one area of law to larger firms with multiple locations and many areas of practice, we create fully customized casesites written by legal professionals.

We only work with lawyers. Our award-winning websites are designed to convert visitors to clients with relevant cases.

CaseSite is a team of web development and search engine optimization experts.

All of our web design and digital marketing professionals have been in the Legal internet marketing industry for a minimum of five years. We have built a team of experienced professionals with tons of relevant experience.

We know web design. We know digital marketing. Challenge us to deliver you the results you seek.

We don’t just create professional websites. We continuously optimize web pages so your prospective clients can find you organically on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

How We Do It

  • Client Consultation
  • Comprehensive Legal Industry Research
  • Online and Real Life Competitor Research
  • Project Planning and Brainstorming
  • Sitemap and Wireframe Development
  • Home Page Design
  • Sub Page Design
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Website Content Development by lawyers and Implementation
  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Testing and Improving
  • Launching New Website
  • On-Going Marketing and SEO Services
  • Site Performance Review and Reporting
  • Continuous Site Performance and Conversion Rate Improvements

CaseSite: Our Core Values

Our mission is simple: it's to help our Attorneys win online. That includes positioning our clients as the subject-matter experts in their fields, helping them make more money with less stress and greater peace of mind. In the meantime, we aim to have a long-lasting, positive effect on society by helping attorneys grow their practices.

We conduct business by following our five core values:

  1. Winning attitudes. We put our clients’ success ahead of personal agendas. We’ve put together the best team of complementary, talented individuals, and our staff is constantly growing to provide our clients with the best possible results. We respect, listen to, and value others’ opinions and ideas as a critical means of achieving CaseSite’s mission.
  2. Competition. We want to win, and we want our clients to win. We will only compete in a market if we are the best, or if we believe we can be the best. We focus only on what we are best at, individually, so that we can help our clients corner their markets. It’s our goal to outrank everyone else and to take the lion’s share of relevant search traffic in any market.
  3. Excellence. We enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, and we take the utmost pleasure in providing quality products and services. We set a good example for our own families by working passionately to achieve our goals, and we’re always seeking improvement. We consistently strive to make our systems and procedures more efficient and treat all feedback as an opportunity to improve. In short, we continue to work on building a masterpiece of a company.
  4. Integrity. We will let our results speak for themselves. We are extremely careful when promising anything, and we relentlessly strive to deliver more than we promise.
  5. Rhythm. We know that building a world-class website is not possible without open and regular communication. We relentlessly pursue our organizational goals as a team, maintaining a well-organized set of daily; weekly; monthly; quarterly; and annual meetings to keep everyone aligned and accountable.