Case Link High Content Standards

We Create Unique, Relevant Content For You!

Our Highly Trained Team of Copywriters Creates Unique, Semantically Relevant Content Based On Your Keywords and URLs.

Our 4 Content Commandments

1. 100% Unique

All CASE content is Copyscape checked. We have 0 tolerance for plagiarism.

2. Semantically Relevant

We create topically relevant content around your keywords, packed with LSI goodness.

3. Readable

All content is expected to pass basic grammatical standards and make sense.

4. UX Optimizied

In addition to text, we pack the articles and properties we create for you with relevant images & videos. We make them ooze signs of quality and relevance.

What Our Content is Not (aka. Realistic Expectations)

We take content very seriously. That’s why we have the first 1-stop link building solution powered by 100% US college educated copywriters. With that said, the content we create is strictly for SEO link building purposes. It won’t win any Pulitzers or Nobel Prizes or be featured in Law Review Articles.

This is not your PR or social media content. Its just semantically relevant content that we create and link to your website from as a relevant source. This way, our content remains natural and informational, not spammy or advertorial.

Keep in mind that our team of writers are not subject matter experts. Fortunately, they don’t need to be. When our writers are unfamiliar with a subject, they quickly find existing content about it and synthesize that into new, unique articles. They have no background or ability to evaluate the statements found during this basic research.

Again, none of this matters, because our content doesn’t go on your site or in any way represent your brand. You’re just being cited as a great source!

And most importantly, it works.

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