Attorney Website Design

Designing a Unique Casesite for Law Firms

The visual design of your site is a key component of a successful Web presence. It must stand out from the competition, resonate with potential clients and be very easy to navigate.

All of our marketing efforts are geared towards finding the right cases, the right people who need your services, and bringing them to your doorstep. Once they arrive at your website, it has to compel them to call you or contact you—helping you retain a high volume of cases you want. At Casesite, our teams of web designers and developers develop websites with award-winning quality and effectiveness. When we build you a website, you can count on a clean and powerful design that results in more calls, emails, cases, and clients.

Of users looking for legal services, 74% will visit the law firm’s website before choosing to take action. The secret to reaching high volumes of qualified cases is found in your website design.

Our objective is to design a site that uniquely represents your firm, and to do so we need your input on several key points. For example, we’d like you to make a list of your favorite Web sites, even if they are not law firm sites.

Some lawyers prefer conservative designs, while others like edgy sites, and still others like sites that reflect their geographic location (mountains, oceans, deserts, etc.). From color preferences to style and tone, your input will help us develop a Web site design that exceeds your expectations.

Often, we summarize the look of a legal site into one of the following customized design themes:

Images of the Attorney or Firm Itself

Practice Area Focus

Local/National Geography Focus (Images of the City's Skyline or Downtown)

Out of the Box/Non-Traditional Look

The point isn’t to create a website for you—the point is to drive business. Everything we do for you, from initial design to the final lines of hand-written code, is about building your firm and driving clients to your door. Because we start with that goal in mind, our clients get a website that is as lucrative as it is attractive.

With Best Casesite you get a site that will impress and convert people on your site into future clients. The quality of your website is a reflection of the quality of your firm. Don’t let an out-of-date website damage the perception of the firm you’ve worked so hard to create.

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